The Commonwealth Foundation organised the Commonwealth People’s Forum 2011 regional consultation meeting, concerning European NGOs. The meeting took place in London and CARDET attended the meeting as one of the three NGOs representing Cyprus.

The aim of the meeting was to collect ideas, suggestions, and policy recommendations from European NGOs in various topics including:

  1. The current financial crisis in countries of the eurozone and how it affected the civil society in the delegates’ countries
  2. Outcomes of civil society initiatives funded/facilitated by the EU and CW separately
  3. The capability of CW-EU civil society initiatives to provide models of good practice in fostering people-to-people links across overlapping histories/identities in the 21st century

The outcomes of the Regional Consultation Meeting will be presented in the Global Commonwealth People's Forum 2011, which will take place in Australia next October.

CARDET, along with the other Cyprus representatives, provided recommendations regarding the above topics. Moreover, CARDET presented the EuropeAid project “Raising Awareness on Development Cooperation” as a good example of developing joint initiatives with various actors to raise awareness and implement activities related to subjects such as Sustainable Development.