CSO Effectiveness LogoDuring the period of 28-30 September 2010, CONCORD (European NGO Confederation for Relief and Development), in which CARDET participates as a member of the Cyprus NGDO Platform, joined over 200 CSO, donor, and government representatives from around the world in Istanbul for the first Global Assembly of the Open Forum (whose Secretariat is hosted by CONCORD). The Assembly discussed and approved 8 global principles for CSO development effectiveness, based on the input from 65 national, regional, and sectoral consultations.

These principles will be the basis for a comprehensive global framework of CSO development effectiveness that will be completed over the next couple of months by interested CSOs in the Open Forum. They will also inform a multi-stakeholder dialogue about the enabling environment and conditions for CSOs in development, in the run-up to the High Level Forum on Aid Effectiveness in South Korea in late 2011.

Moreover, the membership of the Global Facilitation Group of the Open Forum has been renewed. Europe has now four slots in the GFG, including CONCORD, NordicPlus (an alliance of platforms from Nordic countries, currently led by BOND), FoRS, and the Civil Society Institute in Georgia. The full list of new members will be available shortly at www.cso-effectiveness.org.


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Download the 8 CSO Development Effectiveness principles HERE



Source: www.cso-effectiveness.org