LLP disclaimerCARDET, as a partner of the LLP Grundtvig Program “Financial Literacy Competencies for Adult Learners”, recently attended the kick-off meeting for the project in Porto, Portugal. The lead partner of this project is the Institute of Accounting and Administration of Porto (ISCAP), a Department of the Polytechnic Institute of Porto. The rest of the project partners are: INTEGRA – Institut za razvoj cloveskih virov (Slovenia), QUALED – Obcianske zdruzenie “Sanca pre l’udi tretieho veku (Slovakia), ECC – Verein fur interdisziplinare Beratung und Bildung (Austria), L4L – Learning4Life – Ucici(se) Organisace (Czech Republic), ENDO-FAP – Mestre Instituto Berna (Italy) and the University of London (UK).

The objectives of the project are to:

  • Promote the development of key competencies, namely those related to financial literacy among adults
  • Develop materials that will be used both by users and trainers in order to prevent indebtedness
  • Promote the dialogue between educators and the community, including those with social responsibility in finances
  • Help provide adults with pathways to improving their knowledge and competencies
  • Facilitate the development and transfer of innovative practices in adult education
  • Improve pedagogical approaches and the management of adult education organization
  • Improve the quality and increase the volume of cooperation between organizations involved in adult education throughout Europe

The expected primary outcomes of the project are:

  • Framework of competencies developed in Financial Literacy
  • Toolbox for adult users
  • Handbook for trainers
  • Curricula for financial literacy

CARDET will host the midterm meeting of the project and will be responsible for the management of the production process related to the final drafts of the aforementioned outcomes.