NGDO 2010CARDET, a founding member of the Cyprus Platform of Non-Governmental Development Organizations (NGDOs) “The Development”, along with the other members of the platform, held the 1st National Seminar on Global Education. The two-day seminar (22-23 October 2010) was organized in collaboration with the North South Center of the Council of Europe. The event yielded high attendance and active participation from teachers, academics, NGO activists, and public officers. The seminar included workshops on Global Education, Global Citizenship, Social Justice, and Human Rights that were followed by a discussion (Structured Dialogue) on developing a strategy for promoting Global Education. The outcomes of the seminar will be disseminated to the relevant stakeholders and are expected to serve as a tool for raising awareness on development education. In addition, the outcomes are expected to leverage mobilisation, especially on behalf of the public administration in promoting coherent policies on development education with the close cooperation of the local NGDOs.


CARDET, in the context of the Seminar’s proceedings, successfully delivered a workshop on “Development Education and Social Justice”. The workshop, which a European NGO Confederation for Relief and Development attracted more than 20 participants, attempted to combine the theoretical background and the interconnection between development education and social justice with activities on issues of diversity management and social justice, which can be used in the classroom. During the first part of the workshop, Sotiris Themistokleous, Researcher and Project Manager at CARDET, provided an overview of the development education, its definition, the common ground with social justice, and the necessity for its establishment in the Cyprus formal and informal educational environment. Important part of this section was also the extended reference to the EuropeAid Project “Raising awareness on development cooperation” (RADC), which is lead by CARDET, as a medium and good practice for promoting development education in schools and academic institutions at the national and European level.

During the second part of the workshop, Christiana Aravi, Trainer and Project Manager at CARDET presented themes of theoretical and practical approaches towards diversity management and social justice. Ms. Aravi also demonstrated three interesting in-class activities, which teachers, academics, and NGO activists may adapt and apply in their educational/training context. The activities referred to our “multiple identities”, visible and invisible attributes (“The Iceberg Model”), and practices of “inclusion and exclusion” through role-playing. The participants were involved in the activities and expressed their interest in incorporating them in their classrooms and training sessions.

Present at the seminar was also the Executive Director of CARDET, Dr. Charalambos Vrasidas, who held a series of meetings with participant stakeholders for their future cooperation and involvement in the RADC project. As Dr. Vrasidas stated about the seminar, “This was the first step to establish sustainable development for Global Education in Cyprus”.