The overall objective of the project is to mobilise the active support of European citizens, specifically in the New Member States (NMS), for the fight against global poverty. By raising awareness about the MDG agenda, and the historical background, aims, and scope of the European Union’s Comprehensive Development Cooperation policy we envision to enhance the prospects of attaining the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) goals. We will infuse knowledge and encourage the adaptation of the project’s outcomes with particular reference to the Sub Saharan Africa (SSA) region. The strength of this project stems from the long-standing positive collaboration between the participating NGOs and universities, from three New Member States and one Old Member State.

The specific objective is to increase the capacity of European citizens, NGOs and Universities to cooperate with each other and to engage in the Development Cooperation debate and Development and Global Citizenship Education at national, regional and European level, by creating educational resources and tools and develop the mechanisms to enhance the capability of these organizations to help them promote Development Cooperation. The primary outcome of the project will be the development and implementation of an introductory and culturally adapted curriculum on development cooperation in direct alignment with the priorities of the MDGs agenda, coherence for development issues, and the media.

NGOs working in the field of Development Cooperation and Education, and having experience at grassroots level, will be able, and will be encouraged, to inform and persuade those University faculties, departments and research centres that would be responsible for the content of modules, as well as for their implementation. Thus universities will gain from the input by development practitioners as well as informal/non-formal educators on Development issues.

We envision that when our project reaches maturity it will have direct and indirect impact on approximately 11,000 project ambassadors every year.